Tumor Heterogeneity Infographic


Technology Networks




This scrollable digital infographic was created for the website Technology Networks.

Tumor heterogeneity refers to a tumor being comprised of multiple, distinct subpopulations of cancer cells. The goal of this infographic was to educate the reader about the complexity of this phenomenon, describe the mechanisms responsible, and discuss the clinical implications for cancer treatment.

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Final Deliverable

The final infographic is colourful and engaging, with ample space between sections to facilitate a smooth reading experience for the user as they scroll.

Due to the size of this infographic, only select portions are presented below. The full infographic can be found on the Technology Networks website, here.

The opening portion of the Tumor Heterogeneity infographic. It features silhouettes of humans alongside definitions for heterogeneity in cancer.
A graphic of a tumor showcasing the various mutations that can lead to tumor heterogeneity.
Illustrations of nucleotide and chromosome mutations and aberrations.