An image of Jen. White woman with dark brown hair tied back, clear-framed glasses, red lipstick, and a black shirt. She has tattoos on her right arm.

Hey, I'm Jen!

Like most graphic designers, I started my career in a molecular biology lab.
*record scratch*

My career path may not be common, however, it was intentional. I have always had a passion for both science and design, so I completed my B.Sc. in Molecular Biology & Genetics and then my M.Sc. in Pathology & Molecular Medicine before diving into the graphic design world. I would have also done my Ph.D. but only because I think Dr. Power sounds cool.

As much as I love science, I loath misinformation. This is where the design comes in. My goal is to communicate science in an accurate, simple, and attractive way for both lay and scientific audiences, to combat all that pesky misinformation that is so readily available these days.

When I’m not working away at trying to convince everyone that science is cool, I enjoy memorizing random facts for trivia, eating pizza, watching classic horror movies, and listening to some mix of new wave, post-metal, or disco (I’m eclectic, okay).