MacOrtho Logo


Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University (MacOrtho)




I was asked to design a new logo for MacOrtho that reflected their branch of surgery, which focuses around bone and joint injuries and conditions, with a modern look and feel that utilized existing McMaster brand colours.

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Final Deliverable

The final design features a simplified graphic of knee bones, as knee surgery is the most commonly performed orthopaedic surgery in North America. The graphic makes use of negative space in the wordmark, resulting in a simple, clever, and effective logo that highlights their line of work.

The typeface of the wordmark is a strong, bold sans-serif that is in line with their departments strength and innovation in the field of orthopaedic surgery.

The MacOrtho logo is a wordmark that is maroon and dark grey. Inside the negative space of the H are the bones that make up the knee joint.
An image of 3 hoodie sweaters with the words "We are MacOrtho" printed on the front. The sweaters are maroon, black, and grey.
An image of a white coffee mug and a maroon pen with the MacOrtho logo printed on the side of each.