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Crossing Over is a blog platform that focuses on career development for individuals in the life science field with doctorates who are leaving academia and pursuing different career paths.

There is often a stigma associated with leaving academia, so the logo and branding needed to evoke ambition, reassurance, and confidence, while tying in the themes of changing career paths with the field of life sciences.

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Final Deliverable

The final logo and accompanying designs are vibrant, engaging and intriguing, and successfully integrate the ideas of wayfinding, paths, and discovery with life science imagery.

The Crossing Over logo is displayed on a light grey background. The words Crossing Over, navigating life after a PhD, are shown in dark navy blue. The logo symbol is two chromosomes crossing over, one is violet and the other is green. Each chromosome has a single chromatid with an arrow at the tip.
The Crossing Over logo is displayed in white on top of a cell microscopy image, where the cell membranes are shown in green and the nuclei are shown in violet.
The Crossing Over logo is shown in full colour on top of an image of a scientist handling a dish in a laboratory environment.