The Scientist Infographic

The Scientist
Print-ready gatefold infographic
Target Audience
The Scientist subscribers, scientific community
Project Description
I was tasked with creating a double-sided gatefold infographic for The Scientist magazine. I created two custom illustrations for this infographic in addition to using the stock imagery provided to me from the client. The Scientist is an award-winning life sciences magazine, with over 2 million Facebook followers and 56,000 subscriptions.

Layout Design

Stock imagery and text content was provided to me by The Scientist team, and I was responsible for typesetting and layout of the gatefold. My first priority was to establish a grid system that would allow for a balanced arrangement of text and imagery.

A screenshot of the InDesign grid for the infographic.


I created two custom illustrations for this infographic.

Title Design

Given the neuroscience subject matter, I designed the title text to include a subtle illustrative graphic — breaks in each of the letterforms are shaped like neuron synapses, with neurotransmitters flowing between the gap.

A mock-up of the Scientist infographic. The infographic features a brain image in the center, surrounded by other images of neurons.