MacOrtho Logo

Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University
Slogan design for merchandise
Target Audience
Members of the orthopaedic surgery community
Project Description
MacOrtho is the shorthand name for the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University. I was asked to redesign the MacOrtho logo and also create a design specifically for their merchandise with their new slogan, "We are MacOrtho". Orthopaedic surgery focuses around bone and joint injuries and conditions. MacOrtho wanted a logo that reflected their branch of surgery, had a modern look and feel, and also utilized the McMaster University colours.

Research & Sketches

After discussions with MacOrtho, I gained insight into their goals, vision, and values as a division. They provided me with key information about orthopaedic surgery so that any graphics I created were accurate and appropriate for their field. I then created a mindmap to start collecting ideas for the logo.

Preliminary sketches focused around key words identified in my mind-mapping — specifically, bones, joints, and orthopaedic surgical tools.

Initial Designs

I chose the three strongest designs from my sketches and refined them digitally. I presented the three options to MacOrtho before moving forward with the final agreed-upon design.

Final Design

The final design features a simplified graphic of knee bones, as knee surgery is the most commonly performed orthopaedic surgery in North America. The graphic makes use of negative space in the wordmark, resulting in a simple, clever, and effective logo that highlights their line of work.

The colours chosen are based on the McMaster University brand colours, maroon and grey. The typeface of the wordmark is a strong, bold sans-serif that is in line with MacOrtho's strength and innovation in the field of orthopaedic surgery.

The MacOrtho logo in maroon and dark grey. The H in the wordmark features a graphic of knee bones in the whitespace.


Secondary designs were created with the slogan "We are MacOrtho" for their merchandise. As MacOrtho is a division within McMaster University, other typical branding materials such as business cards or letterheads were not needed for this project.